Recommended products
1. Digestex – Increase saliva, gastric and bile secretions to regulate stomach function and acid production and support gastric motility
2. Laxatone – Gentle laxative, non griping
3. Ultra Flora Regulate – Anti-inflammatory probiotic & guar gum for fibre
4. Lipogen – Liver tonic especially to help with fats and alcohol

Other ideas

Kiwi Fruit
Research suggests that this Kiwi fruit can help alleviate bloating and support regular bowel movements. Seventy-five adults with chronic constipation were randomised to consume for four weeks either;
1. Two green kiwi fruit per day
2. 100 g/d of prunes or
3. 12 grams/day of psyllium for four weeks.

Bowel movement frequency significantly increased for all groups
Kiwi fruit and prunes also associated with statistically significant improvements in stool consistency.
Kiwi was the only intervention associated with significant improvements in bloating.
68% of people were satisfied with kiwi compared to either prunes or psyllium perhaps due to the reduced frequency of abdominal pain, bloating and gas reported by individuals in the kiwi group.