The eyes are the windows to the soul


Iridology is an area I specialise in. Iridology uses your eyes as a window into your health past, present and future. You get to see both of your eyes on a screen to see what strengths and weaknesses you have now and into the future or to find the cause of a current health problem.

Iridology can help to find the cause of illnesses. It looks at your inherited tendency to particular health problems. But by finding the cause you can then help that problem now or prevent potential problems happening.

Here is an eye that shows problems with low energy in the afternoon, low blood sugars, poor fat digestion, bloating and flatulance after eating red meat and very tight shoulder muscles. The brown spots indicate an inherited weak liver function that can lead to gallstones and/or cholesterol problems in the future.

In contrast here is an eye with very few problems shown by the consistent blue colour and the lack of brown and orange spots. This person will have more energy & less health problems over their lifetime.

It is also used to find the basic cause of a health problem e.g. is your headache coming from a toxic overload? Allergies? Stress? Muscular tension? Low blood sugars? Hormonal imbalance? Spinal misalignment? Or a combination of causes.

Iridology is a non-invasive way to detect and remedy a wide range of conditions.
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