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Pricing for Naturopathy & Iridology Services

LocationMin No. ClientsConsult FeeTravel FeeTotal CostConsult Time
Samford Valley1$120nil$1201hr
2$110 eachnil$2202hr
3$100 eachnil$3003hr
Home Visit ~ Samford Valley1$120$10$130 1hr
2$110 each$10$2302hr
3$100 each$10$3103hr
Home Visit ~ Brisbane Suburbs1$120$30$1501hr
2$110 each$30$2502hr
3$100 each$30$3303hr
4$90 each$30$3904hr
5$80 each$30$4305hr
WESTTotal Cost
Home Visit ~ Ipswich4 minimum$90 each$50$4104hr
5$80 each$50$4504hr
Home Visit ~ Toowoomba4 minimum$90 each$60$4204hr
5$80 each$60$4604hr
NORTHTotal Cost
Home Visit ~ Caloundra4 minimum$90 each$50$4104hr
5$80 each$50$4504hr
Home Visit ~ Noosa4 minimum$90 each$60$4204hr
5$80 each$60$4604hr
SOUTHTotal Cost
Home Visit ~ Gold Coast4 minimum$90 each$60$4204hr
5$80 each$60$4604hr
SHOWSTotal Cost
View dates here1$80 eachN/A$80 each15 mins

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