Zinc Tally 100 ml

Zinc Taste Test

 Zinc Tally was developed by Dr. Bryce Smith of London. Liquid zinc is now recognised as a reliable way to replenish zinc and assess zinc status by virtue of the taste response.

 Directions: Hold 10 mL of Zinc Tally in mouth for ten seconds, then swallow solution. Rate taste perception 1 to 4


Evaluation: Responses to tasting 10 mL of the solution fall into one of the following four categories:

Category 1. No specific taste or other sensation is noticed, even after the solution has been kept in the mouth for about 10 seconds.

Category 2. No immediate taste is noted, but after a few seconds a slight taste variously described as ‘dry mineral’, ‘furry’ or ‘sweet’ develops.

Category 3. A definite, though not strongly unpleasant taste is noted almost immediately and tends to intensify with time.

Category 4. A strong and unpleasant taste is noted immediately.


Category 1 is the poorest zinc status, while category 4 is optimal.

If taste is in category 1 to 2 take Zinc Drink or Meta Zinc & Vit C powder until Taste Test shows category 3 or 4. Zinc in tablet form will not be absorbed well at level 1 and 2

If this result is normal (category 3 to 4), maintain zinc status with a good Multivitamin such as Prime Essentials at 1 tablet a day, or as directed by your healthcare professional.

The most accurate results are obtained when testing baseline taste perception one hour away from food, fluids and cigarettes.

Note: Once opened keep refrigerated. Discard contents 7 days after opening.

Certain patients experience transient nausea or dizziness on taking Zinc supplements. If so, take with a meal. If nausea still occurs, switch to Metazinc tablets.

 Caution: Keep out of reach of children.

Each 10 mL contains:
Zinc sulfate heptahydrate 59 mg
equiv. to elemental zinc 13.5 mg
(in a base of distilled water)