Inflagesic™ 30 capsules
Size: 30 capsules (5 to 15 days)
Effective Relief From Pain With SPEEDTECH™

Pain & Inflammation New & Upgraded Products Free from Animal Products Dairy protein free Lactose free Egg free Gluten free Wheat free Free from Nuts Free from Yeast Free from Soy protein

Using Rhuleave-K™, clinically proven to provide an average onset of 1 hour for pain relief

Clinical Benefits
Suitable as an alternative to over-the-counter analgesics:

A recent randomized controlled trial concluded this unique ingredient combination (Rhuleave-K™) provides meaningful pain relief, comparable to paracetamol as fast-acting and efficient, with the average onset being 1 hour

Research shows that Rhuleave-K™ provides over 96% reduction in pain intensity, irrespective of location of pain, compared to placebo (p=0.004), as shown in a randomised clinical trial in >230 healthy adults aged 18 to 65 with acute musculoskeletal pain.

Curcumin (Turmeric) and BosPure® Boswellia are effective and well-tolerated herbal extractions that synergistically inhibit COX and LOX activity (inflammatory pathway).

Boswellia and Curcumin usually have poor oral absorbability. SPEEDTECH™ is an innovative micronisation technology that combines herbal actives in a lipid matrix (black sesame oil) using a proprietary process, creating a specialised formula with smaller particle sizes for increased absorbability.

Rhuleave-K™ and SPEEDTECH™ are trademarks of Arjuna Natural LLC.

Each capsule contains:
Curcumin 133 mg
Boswellia serrata, dry gum oleoresin extract   50 mg
From dry gum oleoresin (BosPure® Boswellia)   500 mg

Directions (Adults):
For relief of acute musculoskeletal pain:
Take 2 capsules.

To relieve inflammation:
Take 2 capsules, 3 times daily (up to 6 capsules per day).

Free from animal products, dairy protein, lactose, eggs, gluten, wheat, nuts, yeast and soy protein.

Excipients: Sesame oil, glycerol, gelatin, chlorophyllin-copper complex, purified water. For more information about excipients used in this product, see our full excipient list here.

Store below 30°C

Contains sesame seeds. Not all cautions and contraindications are listed.