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Foods in this table increase ‘Ama’ or toxins in the body
They should be avoided as much as possible
If you want to avoid feeling OLD, COLD & STICKY [tired], avoid OLD, COLD & STICKY food!

Ama is very sticky & tenacious & will take many months to remove but it is recommended that you at least try as hard as you can to follow this diet for the next 14 days depending on the severity of your symptoms and how quickly you want to recover.

The first 3 days are usually the hardest and you should be feeling the benefits by day 10 – 14.

Old Cold Sticky
Left over food (Reheated refrigerated or frozen foods) Yes Yes
Canned foods Yes Yes
Processed foods (anything in a can, bottle or packet) Yes Yes
Red meat (as it is the stickiest meat) Yes
Pumpkin, squashes, zucchini (they are the stickiest vegetables) Yes
Bananas, avocados (as they are the stickiest fruits) Yes
Packet foods e.g. biscuits, potato or corn chips, crackers etc Yes Yes
Peanuts, peanut butter especially but all nuts in 1st 2 weeks Yes Yes
Tea, coffee, iced or chilled beverages and water Yes
No alcohol Yes Yes
Cheese, yoghurt, cream, ice-cream and chocolate, Yukolt, Milk Yes Yes Yes
Fried and oily foods (fried eggs, sausages, chips, bacon etc) Yes Yes
Wheat products cakes, biscuits, cereals (if goal to lose weight) Yes
Bread (if goal is to lose weight) Yes
Pasta (if goal is to lose weight) Yes


The foods below will not increase ‘Ama’ and be eaten freely.
All fresh foods – freshly cooked on the same day as it is eaten.

Vegetables – Steamed, boiled, roasted, baked, wok fried Fresh vegetable soups (not instant packet, canned soups)
Fruit – Well ripened including stewed fruit with no sugar added
Chicken – Skinless (if required)
Fish (If required)
Herbal teas. Occasional green tea only.
Basmati rice (Basmati is a low glycaemic index rice)

Sip hot water
(1 cup 3 times a day) 1st cup first thing in the morning cleans Ama from gut. Sip hot ginger water (1/8 teaspoon ginger powder in 1 cup of boiled, filtered water)

During or after meals to help digest food or Before meals if there is no appetite.

Do not eat unless you are hungry i.e. have some appetite before eating

Supplement ideas;
for stomach and small intestine detox and good food digestion

Probiotic that’s suits current health issues


Keep a record of any symptoms you have to keep track of your improvements over the next 3 months of treatment

Signs of Ama
If you have need for the ‘Ama pacifying diet’ then you will have some of the symptoms below
1 wk
2 wks
Tired after minimal exertion (20 minute walk)
Tiredness on waking in the morning
Joint pain
Muscle pain
Thick white coat on the tongue
Bad breath often
Candida infection e.g. thrush, Candida, jock itch, tinea
Ama in the Kapha zone (stomach upper 2/3 and upper body)
Lack of hunger before breakfast
Lack of hunger before lunch
Lack of hunger before dinner
Tired, drowsy or sleepy after a meal
Tiredness, inertia, sluggishness (‘stickiness’)
Excessive mucus e.g. allergies, hay fever, sinus, post nasal drip, throat More than one colds, flue, sore throat or sinusitis per year
Recent weight gain
Ear, nose and throat problems. Excessive wax.
Ama in the Pitta zone (small intestine and lower 1/3 of stomach)
Acid coming up into the mouth (acid reflex)
Burping often
Strong odour when passing stool in toilet
Irritability and/or anger (under stress)
Strong thirst
Skin problems, rashes, eczema, hives, acne or boils
High blood pressure (or family history)
Heart problems (or in family history)
Liver problems (or in family history)
Ama in Vata zone (large intestine and pelvic organs)
Bloated abdomen
Wind, flatulence, gurgling
Constipation (possible alternating with diarrhoea)
Going to the toilet less than once every day
Feeling of incomplete evacuation after stool, as if some was retained
Have to push or wait a long time for stool
Lower back pain not caused by injury
Poor concentration for your age
Poor memory for your age
Anxiety and/or Depression
Moods change often in a day
Menstrual disorders, painful, irregular, early, late, infertility, impotence


Vegetable soup broth
Vegetable soups are easily digested so are useful to give the digestion a rest and allow further detoxification of Ama to occur.
The following soup is a basic recipe that can be varied to suit your taste.
It should be eaten on the day it is cooked. You may want to have it every day or just a few times a week.

Vegetable soup broth
1 Carrot Cut into pieces Sweet, pungent
2 Celery stalks Cut into pieces Bitter, astringent
140 g Spinach or Silver beet Chopped Bitter
1 Potato Quartered Astringent
Pinch Tarragon Pungent
470 ml Purified water
1 tablespoon Soy sauce or Tamari Astringent, salty
Pinch Asafoetida (hing) Available from Indian grocer
good for
Combine all the ingredients and bring to boil in a pot.
Simmer for 20 minutes.
Strain the vegetables for a clear broth or blend in a food processor for a thick soup.Makes about 700 ml
Take 350 ml or half twice daily.